If you like to know exactly where you spent your money and when, and you like to keep track of your finances with a book in your wallet, then BCI’s Cheque Account was developed with you in mind! Payments can be made simply and easily with your cheque book on hand and is suited to individuals, small business, community groups and clubs, NGOs, associations and large businesses alike.

A BCI Credit Assessment will precede approval.

For balances over $10,000 0.25 % p.a. Interest rate

Product Features:

Banking Account - Fees
Debit interest charge : 20.50%pa if over approved limit
Transaction Fee : $0.35 per transaction
Monthly Fee : $3.50
Banking Account - Interest Incomes
Part Balance up to $1,000 : 0.00% pa
Part Balance over $1,000 : 0.00% pa
Part Balance over $500,000 : 0.00% pa
Balance over $10,000 : 0.25% pa
Banking Account - Access Method
Branch Access : Yes
ATM/EFTPOS Access : Yes
Cheque Book : Yes
Passbook : Not available
Banking Account - Key Features
Availability of funds : On call
Minimum to open : $500